2021 JoVE Researcher Innovation Award Winner


RadioViews is a series of videos where fellow researchers present their latest scientific results in a compact form. A short interview, mainly focused on an introduction to the researcher’s field of interest and/or the abstract of their latest publication, is presented on YouTube and shared on our Twitter, Facebook, and the departments website.
The goal of RadioViews is to provide an online tool to expand the audience outside the VLBI group and to establish and maintain public outreach. It is also a useful tool to introduce the group to interested future PhD students, postdocs, and other scientific staff.

The Beginning

The idea of RadioViews (by Anton Zensus & Thalia Traianou) was to form a team within the VLBI group. The resulting team is many-faceted, i.e., it involves the department’s director, scientific staff members, postdocs, and also a PhD student. First attempts and steps towards coordinating, filming, and editing the produced material were taken internally. Every member of the team familiarised themselves with the equipment, i.e., the faculty’s camera, microphone/recorder, and lighting. Therefore the team members can rotate within the various roles. Early on, we also focused on retaining the knowledge, so that future members of the effort will have an easier time getting used to the work. Before each interview, the main actors presenting their research prepare the presentation of their topic in a sufficiently short and comprehensible manner.